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Brazilian Sugaring Studio

Specialized in Brazilian/Manzillian Sugar Hair Removal

How Sugar Works?

How does this work?

The warm sugar paste is gently applied onto cleansed, powdered skin. It is warmed to slightly above body temperature, and applied to the skin with hand

in a very thin layer (5 times thinner than wax) removing the hair out by the root. The sugar adheres to the hair and not the skin so that the hair can be pulled off quickly and gently without much discomfort. The Sugaring is the ultimate treatment in hair removal. The walnut sized piece of paste sticks to hair as short as 1/8" and takes the hair out by the roots with a flick of the hand. No other hard wax or resin product can remove hair as short as this. You will get the feeling of a mini-massage. Because the paste remains soft and pliable there is very little breakage of the hair as it is removed completely from below the skin. Another benefit of the Sugaring method is the exfoliation of the skin resulting in fewer ingrown hairs.

     The Brazilian Bikini

    With the Brazilian Bikini,hair is removed from the entire pubic region,except for a small patch just above the vaginal area. This includes the labia and the buttocks. Of course,you're the boss of your bikini,so you tell us exactly how much you want to remove,and in what shape.

   Our success relies on our experienced staff,and in our sugaring technique that provides the closest possible waxing without any concerns for burning or tearing of the skin that happens with regular waxes.

   If you, like many women, like a clean wax and the freedom to wear even the most revealing swimwear and lingerie, then you'll be in love with a Brazilian bikini. Relax is not nearly as painful as it sounds, and the end result will leave you hooked on your new bikini style.

  • Lips $12
  • Chin $20+
  • Eyebrows $22+
  • Sideburns $28+
  • Full Face $60+(not included eye brows)
  • Hands $20
  • Underarms $38
  • Arms $65
  • Arms (half) $45
  • Stomach Line $20+
  • Stomach Full $35+
  • Breasts $20
  • Bikini Line $50+
  • Extended Bikini $58
  • Brazilian Bikini $65+
  • Full Legs $99+
  • 1/2 Legs $65+
  • Feet $15+
  • Low back $35
  • Inner thighs $35

(973) 239-3666